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Imagine what it would feel like if you could eat healthy foods and improve your self confidence. Discover how weight loss hypnotherapy could help you to lose that unwanted weight and feel better again.

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Weight Loss & the subconscious Mind

Perhaps you’ve already tried various diets. Maybe you’ve also tried Weight Watchers or Slimming World. Diets work by people eating the right quantities and types of food in order to lose weight and for some people, when combined with willpower and motivation, can be a very effective way to achieve healthy weight loss. However, although you may want to lose weight on a conscious level, your subconscious mind often has other ideas and can prevent you from achieving your weight loss goal by creating emotional eating habits.

About Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

To benefit fully from weight loss hypnotherapy, it is essential that you want to lose weight and that you want a healthy lifestyle. Unwanted excess weight does not develop overnight, therefore it will take time to achieve your weight loss goals and changes to your eating habits and lifestyle will be required. The emphasis during both programmes is on taking responsibility for your weight loss and on not making excuses. You will need to participate fully and follow the instructions as well as listening to the audio downloads provided and carry out other tasks as part of either programme. Clients who do not participate fully will be removed from the programme and where programme sessions have been booked and paid for in advance, a pro rata refund will be issued in accordance with the Client Agreement.

About the programmes

Each programme features a course of sessions which combine hypnosis, NLP and therapy and cover a variety of themes including emotional eating, portion control and exercise. In addition to this, the Hypnotic Gastric Band Programme is also designed to simulate the process of gastric band surgery to enable your subconscious mind to reduce the amount of food you eat. Sessions are every two weeks and you will also receive audio downloads to listen to, along with eating guidelines to follow and other tasks to help you change your old habits and adopt a more positive, motivated and healthier lifestyle.

Is it guaranteed to work?

There are a variety of factors which can determine the outcome of weight loss hypnotherapy, including your situation and the level of rapport with your therapist. However, the most important factors are your motivation, determination and participation. To be successful, you will need to make positive changes to your lifestyle and be committed to losing weight. Hypnotherapy has a good track record in helping people to quit smoking, with changes often being noticed within a few weeks. However, the key to success is you, so you need to play your part too.

Important Information

You will need to attend an online initial consultation via Zoom before starting weight loss hypnotherapy sessions in order to determine which programme may be appropriate for your situation.

Common Questions

The most appropriate weight loss hypnotherapy programme for you depends on your individual situation and weight loss goals. We will discuss this in more detail during your initial consultation.

Weight loss hypnotherapy sessions are 50 minutes in order to maximise concentration and get the best from the process. Your first session is usually a little longer (approximately 60 to 90 minutes) to allow sufficient time to discuss your situation and answer any questions you may have.

During your sessions, we will cover a variety of themes connected with weight loss including emotional eating, portion control, healthy diet and exercise. A combination of hypnosis, NLP and therapy techniques will be used to help you change your old eating habits and make positive changes. We will also discuss the things that you can do between your sessions to embed your new healthy lifestyle changes.

Before starting any weight loss hypnotherapy sessions, you will need to attend an online initial consultation to determine which programme may be suitable for you. A deposit of £40 is payable online to guarantee the consultation appointment booking and this is refunded at or following your final session, subject to the terms in the client agreement. If you do not wish to proceed with weight loss sessions following the consultation, the deposit will be refunded after your consultation appointment.

For more information about Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Programme and Hypnotic Gastric Band Programme fees, please contact me.

The more you repeat something, the stronger it becomes. By listening to an audio download and completing other therapy related tasks, you are reinforcing the work done during your sessions.

Successful and healthy weight loss is about changing old unwanted habits and replacing them with new healthier ones. It usually takes at least 21 days to form a new habit, therefore the audio downloads and other therapy tasks are designed to reinforce the suggestions from your sessions and boost your motivation whilst you form your new healthy lifestyle.

It’s a common misconception that a Hypnotherapist will ‘put’ you into a hypnotic trance and then ‘make’ you lose weight. Hypnosis is not a magic pill; you cannot be forced to do something you do not want to do; even in hypnosis. Hypnotherapy also requires your motivation and participation in order to stand the best chance of success.

Whilst it is unethical to offer any guarantee of success (for more information, see the FAQs page), in my experience, the majority of clients I’ve worked with to help them lose weight have been successful. In the small number of cases where the client has not lost the weight they wanted to, it has usually been due to one of the following reasons:

  1. They were not ready to fully participate in the process or were not genuinely ready to make changes.
  2. They didn’t want to lose weight for themselves, but were actually doing it for someone else (e.g. because their partner or doctor told them to).
  3. The client was looking for a ‘quick fix’. They didn’t follow the programme instructions, didn’t listen to the audio downloads and/or didn’t carry out the other therapy tasks as part of the programmes.

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