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Relax with hypnotherapy downloads

Whether you’re feeling stressed, anxious or simply want some time to relax, these hypnotherapy downloads are designed to help you enter a deeply restful state of hypnosis as you allow your subconscious mind to take you on a deeply relaxing journey.

Release Anxiety hypnosis download - Vicki Crane

Release Anxiety

MP3 Download


Let go of stressful thoughts, calm your mind and release anxiety with this relaxing download. Features soothing background music to enhance the relaxation experience.

Confidence Booster hypnosis download - Vicki Crane

Confidence Booster

MP3 Download


Boost your confidence, increase your self esteem and feel more positive about the future with this relaxing hypnosis download. Features soothing background music to enhance the relaxation experience.

Island Journey hypnosis download - Vicki Crane

Island Journey

MP3 Download


Imagine standing on the top of a hill on a tropical island; you can feel the warmth of the sun and can see the long grasses around you as they move slightly in the gentle breeze. A narrow winding path disappears into a small forest and beyond the forest, you can see the ocean, as the sunlight reflects on the tops of the waves. You can catch the faint smell of the salty sea air on the breeze as you become aware of the distant sound of the ocean on the shore…

Featuring relaxing background music, the sound of soothing real sea waves and the sounds of nature in the forest, this hypnotherapy download can help you to relax and use the power of your subconscious mind as you explore your own tropical island.

Space Voyage hypnosis download - Vicki Crane

Space Voyage

MP3 Download


Imagine boarding your own spaceship, setting the controls and travelling into deep space, where you can explore the various planets, stars and other features that make up the infinite universe. 

Featuring relaxing background music and futuristic spaceship sounds, you can listen to the soothing sounds from space as you embark on your own cosmic adventure.

Pause Button hypnosis download - Vicki Crane

The Pause Button

MP3 Download

Coming Soon

Complete Relaxation hypnosis download - Vicki Crane

Complete Relaxation

MP3 Download

Coming Soon

Forest Walk hypnosis download - Vicki Crane

A Walk in the Forest

MP3 Download

Coming Soon

Ocean Swim hypnosis download - Vicki Crane

A Swim in the Ocean

MP3 Download

Coming Soon

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Getting the best from your downloads

Hypnosis Downloads

Each hypnosis audio download is a hypnosis session featuring relaxing background music. All purchases via this website are subject to the terms and conditions which can be found here.

Downloading your mP3

On completion of payment, you will be transferred to the download page. From here you can access the Dropbox site where you can download, save and listen to your chosen MP3.

Listening to your Download

In hypnosis, the more a suggestion is repeated, the stronger it becomes. You should listen to your download as often as you wish, to allow your subconscious mind to absorb the positive suggestions.

Brainwave Entrainment

The background music used in these downloads features subliminal tones for brainwave entrainment to enhance focus and produce a deeper relaxation experience. For best results, listen to the download using headphones or earphones.

Important Information

Driving & Operating Machinery

Hypnosis audio downloads should never be listened to whilst driving, operating machinery or doing any other activity that requires concentration.

Binaural Tones & Epilepsy

Due to the use of binaural tones in these hypnotherapy downloads, if you have ever been diagnosed with or treated for Epilepsy, you must seek medical advice before purchasing these downloads.

Health & Medical Conditions

Hypnotherapy downloads are not a substitute for medical advice. If you have any concerns about your health, you should seek advice from a qualified healthcare professional.