Therapy Sessions

Get help with emotional or psychological issues, all in a safe and supportive therapy space.

What to Expect

Your First Therapy Session

When you meet me for your first session, we will discuss your situation in more detail, including your past experiences and goals, along with your role in the therapy process. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and when you’re ready, we will then move onto the therapy part of your session. This may involve a bespoke and blended use of therapies such as Hypnotherapy, Counselling and NLP, combined with other talking therapies as appropriate.

At the end of your appointment, we’ll talk about what you can do at home before your next appointment. This may include listening to an MP3 download, keeping a diary, practising self help techniques or another therapy related task. These activities are designed to enhance the work done during your sessions and enable you to develop new skills and responses to help you achieve your goal(s).

Further Sessions

In future sessions, we’ll talk about your progress since your last session and then continue with your therapy. Your sessions are about working together to help you make the changes that you need to get to where you want to be. It’s a collaborative process which is done with you, not to you.

The number of sessions required depends on the issue, along with your level of motivation and participation. Many people see me for 4 to 6 sessions and begin to notice positive changes after the first or second session. Other people may take a little longer.

Clients often begin to notice positive changes within a few weeks and sometimes just 2 or 3 sessions are all that is required. People are often surprised at how quickly they notice an improvement. Just because you’ve experienced a problem for a long time, it doesn’t always mean that it will take a long time to let go of it.

Looking for more information?

Free Initial Consultation

If you have any questions or are unsure whether therapy is right for you, I offer a 20 minute online free initial consultation via Zoom. This is an opportunity for us to meet, discuss what you’d like to change and how we can work together. I’ll also explain the face to face or online therapy options and we’ll talk about the number of sessions you might need.

"...once I got onto the stage, the nerves just disappeared..."

CB, Leeds