Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Often known as EFT Tapping, Emotional Freedom Technique can be used for a variety of issues.

tapping into your emotions

What is EFT?

EFT is a practical therapy which involves using the fingers to tap on a number of acupressure points. It’s a straightforward, but powerful technique that can help to reduce psychological distress quickly. It can also be used as a self help tool for people who may be struggling with negative emotions or feelings.

EFT can be applied to a variety of issues including Fears and Phobias, Traumatic Memories, Self Esteem issues and Anxiety. It draws on the principles of acupressure which is based on the Chinese concept of life energy flowing through the body. Disruption of the life energy flow is thought to cause physical or emotional issues.

It is believed that by stimulating known pressure points throughout the body, a person’s state of mind can be positively influenced. EFT is completely non-invasive and can be carried out anywhere.

EFT in Therapy Sessions

There are two main applications of EFT:

EFT for Self Care: This is a form of therapy which you can do by yourself to help relieve stress and feel better in the moment. It involves tapping on pressure points on the face or body whilst tuning into the troubling issue. 

Practitioner-assisted EFT: This type of therapy is facilitated by a therapist during one to one therapy sessions. During the session(s), the therapist will help you to ‘tap into’ your experience of a problem or issue in order to gain clarity and resolution. This can support you to change limiting or stuck thought processes and enable you to move forward.

EFT can be very beneficial as a self help technique and I often teach clients how to use it at home to help them in a variety of situations.

Looking for more information?

Free Initial Consultation

If you have any questions or are unsure whether therapy is right for you, I offer a 20 minute online free initial consultation via Zoom. This is an opportunity for us to meet, discuss what you’d like to change and how we can work together. I’ll also explain the face to face or online therapy options and we’ll talk about the number of sessions you might need.

"After a few sessions with Vicki, I feel a lot better and can now start looking forward to things again."

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